About Phalapa



A picture conveys more than a thousand words and Palapa’s work does exactly that! Just take a  look at his website www.palapa.eu and you’ll see a collection of his beautiful, creative and versatile work. When make up artist  Palapa gets into gear, you’ll experience why he’s called  as ‘The Magician’. It’s no wonder he has an impressive list of clients hiring him to get top class quality.

Palapa’s special talent is unleashing the beauty of any person and being able to transform his/her look in the most natural way. Everyone who has had a Papala transformation appears like an astonishing natural beauty. This extraordinary makeup artist shapes raw material or an empty canvas into an jaw-dropping and glorious piece of art. Emphasizing the beautiful shades and gently hiding the less pretty ones. Palapa does it all in his own exceptional way which makes him famous and loved here and abroad.

Palapa has always, even as a child, been interested in fashion and beauty. Born in Indonesia, he worked for the local editions of high end magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan Magazine. But he also worked as a makeup artist for great photographers, celebs and major brands. This work inspired Palapa even more, because he could combine his passion for beauty and fashion with creative work. While displaying his obvious talents, he studied to become a fashion designer but developed himself, as an autodidact, into the professional he is now. Embracing the art of make-up and hair styling, inspired by Kevyn Aucoin and many others.

Palapa is always following the latest trends, but he also gets his inspiration from different cultures or historical styles: from classic, romantic to extravagant. You name it and consider it done!
Apart from his incredible creativity Palapa’s professional work attitude makes him a strong and reliable force. Whether it’s about a strict time schedule, the thorough and perfect preparation or using his make up magic, everything is professionally prepared and executed. Everything is under control: Palapa works fast and under pressure he performs like a world class athlete: A-marks for a perfect make up and hair styling performance.
Palapa is able to work in a team as well on his own.

Being talented and always eager to raise the bar he welcomes collaboration with other professionals. In The Netherlands and abroad. Always spreading and exchanging the passion for beauty!


Real beauty is timeless – Palapa


Magnetic Nail Design, KLM, Bijenkorf, Waternet, Philips, Sony Music, Tros, Albert Verlinde Entertainment, Marcel Wanders, KYBOE, Jacbell Productions, CNR Entertainment, Mey Liang, Cliq Digital, Sanoma Media, CAT – Concepts & Talent, Wellnessresort “De Zwaluwhoeve”, Visco Records (Jan Vis), Mercedes-Benz, GlamShop.


Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Milk Inc Magazine (Hong Kong), LookMagazine (London), Amica magazine, Foto Media Magazine, Red Magazine, Sen Magazine, Kosmetiek, Performer Magazine, 100% NL